Cohesion Global : guiding leaders to Create Value Without Harm

Cohesion Global's Massive Transformational Purpose is to transform every meeting and every conversation in the corporate world into Compound Dialogue$ that Create Value Without Harm. We do this by embedding Cohesion Dialogue processes, transferring our knowledge and our processes and by licensing our technology into every corner of the organisation, from the CEO to the tea lady. When Leaders, Executives, Managers and Followers practice Cohesion Dialogue together, they convert their dysfunction into Quantum Potential simply by changing the nature of how they think about thinking. We consider ourselves to the APPLE of Dialogic Leadership Development because we think differently; we are a niche player with a refined taste for client and customer experience, which means we are not for everyone! We think about the craft of design, about form and function, and ultimately about how beautiful Cohesion Dialogue can be as an experience for leaders and followers alike!

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Our Elevator Pitch, Vision and Mission

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Many organisations are toxic today, and this creates harm for leaders and followers alike. Cohesion is the antidote to toxic cultures, because those who create toxicity are not capable of changing it themselves.   But when clients turn their meetings into Compound Dialogues; they turn their chaos into margin.   Cohesion Global believes they are the ‘Apple’ of Dialogic Leader development because they think dialogically; they think differently. They help their clients to do the same, by applying the wisdom of Solomon and the heroics of Hercules.   Cohesion Global guides small sections of corporations to create a mature coherent workplace by co-creating mature leaders, resilient executives, and cohesive staff with the important step of implementing real time dashboards and technology applications that feed the coherence, so as to create sustainable and long term positive impact.   Cohesion has been doing this for almost twenty years in eighteen countries on four continents and they have helped their clients to realise up to 6% shift in economic output for every 10% increase in the Cohesion Dashboard measurements.

Cohesion Global Vision

The Cohesion Global Vision is that within two hundred years of it’s founding (1999) that every business conversation and meeting on earth will be a Compound Dialogue.   We envision that our clients will achieve an 80% ‘No Meeting’ culture and that Compound Dialogue will thrive on all continents and in many languages.   We envision the co-creation of advanced intellectual property and technology within our Global Community of Practice as a business and that we will co-create advanced research and development through our Cohesion Academy as an independent accredited university.   Finally, we envision the creation of a global David Bohm research institute.

Our 2030 Mission...

By the year 2030:   We will have helped five hundred customers achieve their 10:6 ratio (for every 10% increase in cohesion dashboard, to achieve a 6% increase in economic output)   We will have helped two hundred and fifty customers to achieve their P2V potential (through the Quantum Balance Sheet and C-Suite Processes)   We will have guided 10,000 C-Suite leaders who lead One Million clients in Cohesion Dialogue Processes   We will have certified 15,000 Cohesion Dialogue Guides   We will establish Cohesion Sanctorium in six countries  

Cohesion Global Deep Calling and Our Values

Why we Created Cohesion Global

Cohesion Global was created, because for thirty years, the founders and their clients worked in, and worked for, toxic organisations all over the world. They saw at first hand the destruction, which took place at the hands of toxic leaders and followers alike.   Cohesion Global built an anti-dote to toxic culture that guides leaders and followers to co-create value without harm. Because toxicity was hidden in the collective, they developed psychologically safe ways to transform all levels of the organisation.   These safe ways inspired leaders to mature their ego so that they could deliver profitability and contribution. It stimulated executives to be more resilient so that they could lead self-directed change.   These Dialogic ways taught staff to be more cohesive by reducing waste and fragmentation. Importantly, they created a technology system that gathers tangible and intangible data which co-creates value by linking real time human thinking to the profit and loss account and to the balance sheet.   If Cohesion Global were a computer brand it would be the ‘Apple Computers’ of Dialogic Leader Development, because they think differently – by thinking Dialogically. Their mission is to guide their clients to transform 80% of meetings into Compound Dialogues.   They do this by developing leaders who can covert problems into margin. In doing this, the CEO improves vision and value by getting the space to think strategically.   The CFO sees better margin and can see where value is being eroded in real time. The COO gets better productivity and delivers better customer service while at the same time the HR Director sees improvements in human potential and in group creativity.   Leaders and followers alike become adept at handling complexity and ambiguity by dealing with resistors and saboteurs swiftly and fairly.   The ideal Cohesion Global customer is one who joyfully invests in his or her own development and who becomes a conscious visionary by evolving the entire system in awareness through deep transformation.   Compound Dialogues impact the mind, the body and the spirit of the enterprise. The outcomes include Maturity, Resilience, Cohesion and Quantum Potential. Cohesion Global has worked with 12,000 leaders with 87 companies in 18 countries on 4 continents over 20 years.   Dialogue transforms fighters into statesmen and creates icons of leaders who often come from humble beginnings. They achieve this by transmuting conversations into connections. The leader who can do this, leaves a legacy far beyond his or her chosen career.   A Cohesion Global process reduces waste and increases value by transforming burnout into resilience, replacing pain with gain and turns problems into profit.   When leaders and followers think about thinking together, there are no more meetings and the system evolves into being a mature coherent workplace. The amazing thing is that change takes place without changing a thing.   Cohesion Global co-creates synergy between silos and turn politics into profit by developing collective leadership at scale.

Our Global Calling

Workplace experiences created by the fourth industrial revolution are often driven by poor social habits and even rude behaviour. This destroys the nature of human connections at work. Toxic leadership and destructive followers crate confusion and erode value. Workplace politics and force of hierarchy can silence and abuse staff with no consequences.     Immature leaders can use force of authority instead of sharing their power. Emotional and psychological harm is common in many organisations. Even workplace technology has a dark side in that it creates dysfunction through fear and abuse of power. As harm and waste spreads, it becomes a negative virus by itself.   So how does one reduce the negative impact of toxic leaders and destructive followers?   Firstly, leaders and followers need to choose to become more cohesive and less fragmented. Once this decision is made, Cohesion Global transforms humans at work in four powerful steps:   Mature the ego of the leaders Make executives more resilient Make groups more cohesive Capture every thought of the system on a dashboard that improves decision-making and that links behaviour changes to the Profit and Loss account and the Balance Sheet.   Within one hour, clients are amazed at how a Cohesion Circle shifts people mindsets; they are astonished that in one day Cohesion Discovery creates deep shifts in connections and trust, they are surprised that in thirty days Cohesion Catalyst creates a cohesive people system and they are astounded that the continuous listener tracks the collective unconscious in real time.   There are three easy way to test Cohesion: in a three-hour circle, in a one day Discovery or in a thirty day proof of concept.   Any one of the Cohesion processes transforms stuck teams into cohesive and high performing groups and unleashes the potential of human creativity through deep psychological safety. Meetings are transformed into Compound Dialogues that create value without harm.  

Our Values...

Cohesion Global values the courage to Dialogue that creates deep collective relationships. In living this, we guide our customers to co-create value without harm. This leads to deep sustainable change for the employees of our customers (whom we call our clients).   We value long term trusted global partnerships based on the philosophy of spirituality as corporation combined with the highest rigour of scientific and academic validation as our reputational feedback system.   We value the alchemy of mind, body and soul as a wholeness of an implicate and explicate order.

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Basic Facts about Cohesion Dialogue

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What is Dialogue?

Dialogue is interplay of words and their meanings, and a process of slowing down words, thoughts, emotions, actions, behaviours, internal reactions and external reactions in a ‘psychologically safe environment’ that is created specifically for Dialogue to take place.   Dialogue is therefore a learned process of ‘collective creation’ through the mutual shared meaning of ‘deep non-communicating’ which makes conscious (1) the origin of a thought (2) the person who thinks that thought (3) the process that the thought goes through and if that thought is shared; (4) by the understanding of that thought by its receiver (5) its meaning by the receiver, thus creating an (6) iterative process of thinking about thought together in a psychologically safe environment.   The people who originate thinking about thought become engaged in a conscious process of reflection, analysis, understanding, exploration and shared meaning-making, which continuously examines their process in a non-judgmental, suspensive, respectful, deeply safe spirit of inquiry into the nature of the process itself.


Compound Dialogue is a concept that suggests that for every Dialogue that takes place in our customer’s organisation between our clients (their employees); this will yield measurable energetic or economic value to the stakeholders of that organisation. Over time, these measures will begin to produce a predictive model to show how human effort is converted into economic output in that organisation. With this predictive model in place; shareholders, leaders, managers, followers, clients and suppliers of the organisation will be able to create value without harm.


Dialogue as a Visual Language

Dialogue is a group process which is practiced to observe language under construction, so that one can SEE what the other person truly means. It manifests itself as a deeper connection than can be achieved in traditional meetings by TRULY understanding what is said, rather than partially understanding what is said. It is a process of social poetry as a unifying language which goes beyond the individual ego into the super-ego, which may activate a hormone in the pineal gland which converts audio communication into visual communication, which in turn creates a ‘beheld understanding’. Dialogue helps you see what the other person means, so that both of you become part of the Oneness in which all beings reside. Dialogue supersedes the mere translation of thoughts which are audio checked for meaning in differently held dictionaries; it is this mis-naming which usually creates human misunderstandings. Often, we misunderstand each other due to the high level of internal noise of our neuro-auditory circuits. Instead of allowing noise to create false meaning, Dialogue co-creates a sculpture of language which everyone can see in three dimensions. In all seeing it together, and in co-constructing its social meaning, its human and systems impact and its coherence, we have an opportunity to co-create a less fragmented social reality – in effect, making our dysfunctional culture of communications more coherent.


The Life Work of David Bohm

David Joseph Bohm FRS[1] (/boʊm/; December 20, 1917 – October 27, 1992) was an American scientist who has been described as one of the most significant theoretical physicists of the 20th century[2] and who contributed unorthodox ideas to quantum theory, neuropsychology and the philosophy of mind. Bohm advanced the view that quantum physics meant that the old Cartesian model of reality – that there are two kinds of substance, the mental and the physical, that somehow interact – was too limited. To complement it, he developed a mathematical and physical theory of "implicate" and "explicate" order.[3] He also believed that the brain, at the cellular level, works according to the mathematics of some quantum effects, and postulated that thought is distributed and non-localised just as quantum entities are.[4][failed verification] Bohm warned of the dangers of rampant reason and technology, advocating instead the need for genuine supportive dialogue, which he claimed could broaden and unify conflicting and troublesome divisions in the social world. In this, his epistemology mirrored his ontology.[5] Due to his Communist affiliations, Bohm was the subject of a federal government investigation in 1949, prompting him to leave the United States. He pursued his scientific career in several countries, becoming first a Brazilian and then a British citizen. He abandoned Marxism in the wake of the Hungarian Uprising in 1956.[6] Bohm's main concern was with understanding the nature of reality in general and of consciousness in particular as a coherent whole, which according to Bohm is never static or complete but rather an unfolding process.[7]


Cohesion Dialogue Guide Certification

Masters (60 credits) | Status Certificate 600hrs | Immersive | Experiential Co-leading live containers | Small Groups Large Groups | Customised Dialogue Continuous Assessment “ Portfolio of Evidence Recognition of Prior Learning | SupraVision Dialogic Eco-System | Community of Business™ Chartered Institute of Dialogue membership Eligible for Cohesion Academy Faculty Posts

How Cohesion Global was Founded

Cohesion Global was founded in 1999 as an Irish high potential startup in the field of mobile applications. After only three years in operation, it achieved R150m in valuation, yet it suffered a commercial and co-leadership betrayal and parts of it were liquidated in 2006.   Over the last thirteen years the remaining intellectual property has evolved into a Dialogic Leader Development methodology, technology and implementation company, headquartered in South Africa, with ambitions to share its Cohesion Dialogue Process across all continents and in multiple languages.   The primary driver for this conscious evolution has been the lived leadership experience of its founders and of its clients; who continuously found themselves repeating patterns of burnout, which compelled them to become deeply committed to changing the toxic cultures in which they found themselves.


The Context Axes

Cohesion Global operates between the axis of the lived experience of incoherence, waste and harm and its opposite, which are Coherence, Wholeness and Economic Value.   Equally, it operates between the axis of accelerating entropy and fragmentation and its opposite, which is a Mature Coherent Workplace.